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Things to consider before hiring a DJ

Posted by Stephen Hall on 13 August 2014 | 0 Comments

Music plays a key role in your celebrations, whether you're planning a wedding, birthday party or corporate event. You need to choose a provider who is friendly, pleasant and willing to play the songs you and your guests want to hear. Good equipment is essential and should suit the venue you hold the event in. When choosing a provider there are many questions you should ask to ensure you make the right decision. Below are ten of the most important ones.


Do you provide a written contract?

A contract is a good way to gauge the professionalism of the company or DJ you choose. It should set out their obligations, explain their set-up requirements and inform you of the terms and conditions of the agreement.

How many of these types of events have you done?

Choosing an experienced DJ is a must; the last thing you want is to choose someone who has never performed before. You want a professional who knows what they are doing and what it takes to make a great event. We have well over three decades of experience and have performed at countless events over the years, so you can rest assured you have no worries about this issue with us.

Do you perform at more than one event a day?

Some DJs try to pack as many events into a day or a weekend as possible. You need to be careful choosing these providers, especially if your event is in the evening. If a DJ has already performed earlier in the day they may be tired by the time your party comes round.


What makes you unique?

Every DJ will do things differently so it is important to ask what makes each one stand out. Ask what they offer in comparison to other providers but be careful of those who take the chance to say negative things about other DJs; they may be trying to put you off hiring them instead.

What is your announcing style?

Many DJs have big personalities and bring this out in their shows. Others are quieter and let the music do the talking. The most professional providers will be comfortable making announcements and will introduce songs, dances, speeches and other things clearly.

How involved can we be in the playlist?

Some DJs will create a playlist and stick to it during the event. Others will accept requests from guests. It is important that you work with a provider who will play the songs you want played. Most professional DJs will ask you to decide what genres and specific songs you want and make the playlist accordingly. We have half a million songs to choose from so we are confident we can cater for all tastes.

What kind of equipment do you use?

You want a provider with a top of the range sound system. Do a little homework about the best brands and make sure they use professional grade equipment. We use top of the range sound equipment and also provide a light show so you can enjoy fantastic visuals as well as sound quality.

How do you motivate people to get dancing?

At some parties and events guests are ready to get on their feet right from the start. Other times the DJ needs to play the right songs and encourage people. You want a DJ with the personality to get your guests dancing and having a great time. It is their job to entertain and make people happy.

Are you insured?

Every professional DJ should carry full liability insurance to protect the venue and guests in case there are any problems. Not having coverage should set alarm bells ringing. Many venues even go as far as demanding to see evidence of policies before the DJ can set up. Make sure you ask for evidence before you sign a contract and pay a deposit. We are fully insured and our equipment is regularly checked to ensure safety.

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