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Joint Birthday Party

Posted by Mark Robertson on 7 March 2018 | 0 Comments

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Memories of a one of the best nights I have ever done!

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Wedding at Crown Court Hotel Inverness

Posted by Mark Robertson on 7 March 2018 | 0 Comments

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Wedding disco last year in Inverness

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Kids party in Kirkcaldy

Posted by Mark Robertson on 28 February 2018 | 0 Comments

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4 yr. old twins party at the scout hall Glenbervie Kirkcaldy, kids are always a pleasure to work with, with this party we also supplied a 4 poster bouncy castle and happy hopperz, the kids we all up the games and dancing competitions, we even had the adults joining in that just makes the party when this happens, it makes the kids want to impress their parents and we always make sure the adults can’t say no to taking part lol, and when the party guests come up and give you a cuddle and say thanks for a great party without encouragement you know it’s all been worthwhile.

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Hiring a DJ to entertain and oversee an event

Posted by Stephen Hall on 30 September 2015 | 0 Comments

The tricky thing about planning a party for children is to ensure you get the right entertainment. In order to do this you need to consider the age group you are catering for and the kinds of things that will keep them entertained. The activities and games must also be appropriate and suitable.

Even after you choose entertainment you still need to ensure you have the right number of adults on hand to oversee the party. The hosts will likely be rushed off their feet trying to account for all kinds of details and may have little time to spend directing activities and keeping guests entertained. It is good to have someone specifically to take care of this.

A good solution to both the entertainment and entertaining needs is to hire a professional DJ. They will be there specifically to entertain, playing fantastic music and interacting with guests for the duration of the event. You can also create a schedule with them for games and activities to ensure the party has a great flow and is fun from start to finish.

One aspect of providing music for a children's party is ensuring that the tracks are suitable for the age group. The best DJs will work with parents to ensure their wishes are met and so that they can provide advice about the kind of music that their children like.

Some DJs can also offer additional entertainment alongside music. At DJ Ash we can provide karaoke, costumed dancers and even bouncy castle hire too. We are committed to providing the best level of service for all clients, meeting their needs as effectively as possible. We can cater for both large and small events as well as any duration of time.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs for DJ hire in Edinburgh. We are a leading mobile DJ and can travel across the area to attend events at all kinds of venue and deliver the entertainment that will make the party a hit.

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The right DJ can give your wedding the wow factor

Posted by Stephen Hall on 19 September 2015 | 0 Comments

Most people are familiar with stand up comedian Peter Kay and his take on wedding DJs. During his live shows at The Bolton Albert Hall he had the audience in stitches with his take on the classic wedding entertainer that frequently interrupts the music with muffled speeches on the mic that nobody can understand. As funny as it is to watch Kay impersonate this kind of DJ, we know that for your wedding you want a little bit more. Getting married is a big moment for you, your family and friends and when the time comes to celebrate everything should be magnificent. From the music to the sound and light show, everything should be of the highest quality to make sure everyone has an amazing time.

If you are looking for a fantastic wedding DJ in Edinburgh you may want to consider DJ Ash. One of the most popular DJs across Scotland, you can be sure of a thoroughly professional maestro that puts entertainment first. Once the ceremony and the speeches are done we know that everybody wants to let their hair down and celebrate the happy occasion. This is where your DJ comes in.

DJ Ash has been performing for many years and knows how to successfully work any party. Regularly wowing guests with incredible light shows and a vast selection of tunes, DJ Ash gives you more than just a night of music. He is a skilled entertainer who knows how to read your guests, prepare the perfect playlist, interact with everyone and keep the party alive.

When you get married the music becomes the soundtrack to your special day. We ask every couple for a playlist of around 20 tracks as well as your choice for your first dance. We have access to a vast selection of music and we can play the greatest and most popular tracks from as far back as the 1940s to the present day. Weddings have guests from all generations and we cater for all. Everyone loves to get out on the dance floor and if you have any requests we will be more than happy to take them on the night.

With DJ Ash you will enjoy a fun-filled evening of fabulous music for all ages, a funny and engaging entertainer that knows when to get involved and how to rock a crowd. Punctual, professional and with equipment that is fully PAT tested DJ Ash is the first choice for weddings throughout Scotland.

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One less thing to worry about when planning your party

Posted by Stephen Hall on 9 September 2015 | 0 Comments

If you're planning a party for a big event, there's one thing we know for certain - you're experiencing a little stress. Even the most well organised person will have concerns that they've forgotten something important or that the event will not be a success. That's perfectly understandable and something that a lot of people can sympathise with. This is why our services are always focused on making sure that you have one less thing to worry about. Over the years we've built up a proud track record of being the most trusted and reliable choice for all clients in search of DJ hire in Fife, Edinburgh and surrounding regions.

There are certain elements of an event that you can cover or replace if you have to, even at the last minute if someone has let you down badly. The music and entertainment, however, is not one of these factors. No event - whether it's a birthday party, an anniversary, a work function or a wedding - is going to be the same without the music and the DJ selecting the sounds to create the right mood. That's why we take all measures necessary to ensure we get set up and are running on time at your event.

Letting people down when they've booked you is a guaranteed way to ruin your name, reputation and chances of being hired by anyone else again. We've been DJing at events across Edinburgh, the rest of Scotland and indeed other parts of the world for close to 40 years. We like to think that this shows we are as good as our word when it comes to reliability.

We know the pressure you're under when you have a big event to organise, and we aim to ease the strain as much as possible. We're not only the most affordable and entertaining choice of DJ for your party, but the most trusted and reliable too. Your event is important, and you want the best of the best for it. When it comes to the music and live DJ entertainment, that's us.

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Kick your party up a notch with some fantastic karaoke

Posted by Stephen Hall on 31 August 2015 | 0 Comments

If you and your friends enjoy a night of karaoke, why not consider making it a part of your next party or get-together? Whatever kind of celebration you have coming up, karaoke is a fantastic way of bringing your party guests together. It's fair to say that most people enjoy a good sing song, and even the most reluctant singers usually have a favourite tune or two that they like to belt out every now and then.

Karaoke offers everyone the chance to take the mic and have some fun, and you don't have to be a great vocalist to have a great time. Karaoke is fun for every party guest no matter how little or far they can carry a tune, from the experienced pros to the funny entertainers. When you spend a long time planning a party you want to be sure that you can get it going and keep the atmosphere alive all night. Once the first singer gets up, it won't be too long before everyone else wants a taste of the limelight.

When you book our karaoke service you can be sure of a fantastic sound from a high quality system. You don't have to worry about remembering all the words, as the lyrics are displayed on screen, and we have a large selection of songs from every era. Whether you want to belt out a showstopper, take their breath away with a ballad, or hit them with a karaoke disco classic, our book of songs offers you plenty of choice.

Along with our superb karaoke equipment we offer a party, event and wedding DJ in Fife, Edinburgh and all surrounding areas that everyone will love. Skilled, passionate and experienced DJ Ash regularly wows crowds throughout Scotland with his professional performances and outstanding light shows.

Everyone wants their party to be a runaway success and with our services you can rely on giving your guests an effortlessly fantastic night of music, singing, dancing and entertainment. Call us with your party details and we will be happy to help you plan the perfect night. From premier sound systems and quality microphones to creative lighting sequences, you can be sure of an incredible evening of entertainment.

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You and your DJ can plan the perfect playlist

Posted by Stephen Hall on 24 August 2015 | 0 Comments

When it comes to your special celebration, a good DJ is worth their weight in gold. The major advantage of finding a good DJ is that they know their role is to play the music you want to hear. A good DJ loves to entertain, but it should always be on the terms of the customer. A professional DJ will typically prefer you to be upfront and direct about what you want as it avoids any disappointment about playlists on the night. Good communication when you make your booking will ensure a successful event for everyone.

If you have a specific playlist in mind, it is best to get it to your chosen DJ as early as possible. That way you can be sure that your celebration will have the soundtrack of your choice. Alternatively, if you wish your DJ to devise the track list, you can give them a general idea of your favourite genres and musical eras. If you are not a fan of traditional party numbers and dance routines, then tell your DJ to be sure you don't hear anything you dislike. If however, you love the Macarena and a bit of Dirty Dancing, let your DJ know beforehand and you can be sure of hearing all the classic party tunes. The best DJs have unlimited access to music and will be able to accommodate your wishes whatever they are.

Part of ensuring your party is a huge success involves taking requests from you and your guests on the night. A great DJ knows how to satisfy the crowd and keep the atmosphere alive. If one song by a particular artist or band fills the dancefloor, a good DJ will play more rather than stick to what they think is the best music.

If you are looking for a trusted and popular DJ in Fife who can make sure you, your family and friends have a fun filled and unforgettable night, you can trust in the services of DJ Ash. From early arrival and set up to providing a personal playlist we offer high quality entertainment from a skilled, experienced and prominent party DJ. You can also enjoy a range of great extras including spectacular light shows and the finest sound from state of the art equipment. We are dedicated to offer the ultimate entertainment service for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and every other celebration.

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Booking crucial event suppliers early

Posted by Stephen Hall on 17 August 2015 | 0 Comments

When you organise an event, be it a wedding, a birthday party or a corporate function, it is important that you are able to get everything set up in advance. This means you need to book all of the suppliers as early as possible so you can arrange for them to arrive at the venue at the right times.

The venue is the very first thing you need to book. Once this is arranged, you can set about arranging all of the providers. Remember you'll be competing with other people for dates so the earlier you enquire about venues and make a booking the better. Make sure you have a clear idea of how many people you are inviting to the event when looking for a venue, as you don't want to end up with one which is too small or too large.

When you start contacting providers you'll need to begin with the essentials such as caterers, cake makers and DJs. If you want the best food, a beautiful looking cake and the right music to accompany your event, you need to be quick browsing providers and deciding who you want to choose. After the crucial suppliers are booked, you can begin adding different elements such as decorations and additional entertainment.

Choosing the right DJ is important because they will be responsible for entertaining your guests for very large parts of the event. You should ensure you choose someone skilled and experienced with the right equipment and access to all of the songs you want. By searching for DJs early you give yourself more chance to speak with them, get a feel for their personality and decide if they are a good fit for your event.

When the day of the event arrives the DJ you hire will need access to the venue early to set up their equipment. You should arrange this as it will mean that music can be playing for the very start rather than having delays.

If you're looking for a mobile DJ in Fife and want to book a local provider with impressive experience and a huge passion for music, we are the company for you. We can bring fantastic entertainment to all kinds of celebrations and will do our very best to make sure yours goes down perfectly. We'll get set up in plenty of time to ensure that your event goes smoothly right from the start.

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