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what makes a good wedding venue?

Posted by Dj Ash on 27 February 2012 | 0 Comments

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What makes a good wedding venue? Well I have been to thousands of venues throughout the U.K. and the world and here are my thoughts on the matter:

1. I would always pick a venue with good air conditioning as too hot or too cold can really affect the atmosphere and how much people dance!

2. I would also pick a venue that has dimmable lighting in many areas so the dance floor can be dark but around the seating area can be suitably light. The option of on or off is no longer acceptable in my mind.

3. I would pick a venue that has a complete blackout on it's windows,so in the height of the summer your venue will be dark enough for your entertainers lighting to look great! It all adds to the atmosphere!

4. I would pick a venue that has a varied and good menu and is able to tailor it to your budget.

5. I would pick a venue that has reasonable alcohol prices so all your guests can afford to have a good night! Excessively high prices can certainly dampen the atmosphere!

6. I would pick a venue with lovely gardens for taking your wedding photographs!

7. I would pick a venue with it's own private parking and easy access.Not only for your guests but for your entertainers too! Some city centre venues have no parking and you are at the mercy of the dreaded  traffic wardens!

8. I would always pick a venue where access for your entertainers is close from van to stage! A 200 yard walk from van to stage might sound like nothing,but when you have to do it 10 times each way carrying heavy equipment it can amount to 2 miles or more! And stairs,well that just makes it worse! An exhausted entertainer will not be in the best of moods to entertain after a weightlifting marathon!

9. I would pick a venue that is locally owned and run and generally not a multi national hotel chain. Service and friendliness is usually far better and more personal. Its nice to be treated as a person rather than a figure on a balance sheet! Two exceptions i have found to this are De Vere Cameron House Hotel on Loch Lomond who do everything so well! (my favourite venues in the last 36 years for it's friendly attitude and quality of service) and the Quality Hotel at Edinburgh airport who also offer entertainers and guests a great and friendly service too!

10. I would pick a venue with modern smoke/heat detectors that don't get set off by disco smoke machines.They can make lighting look exceptional and most modern machines don't smell or stick in your throat. It all helps add atmosphere to your event!

11. I would also pick a venue that has suitable power supplies for your entertainers: two 13 amp sockets for a disco and ideally at least four 13 amp sockets for a band with a large P.A.

12. I would pick a venue that will tailor the table linen and chair covers to your wedding colours and go the extra mile!

13. I would pick a venue that offers you accomodation for your guests at a discounted rate that is affordable. I think it's nice to see your guests in the morning after your wedding and chatter about the day before.

14. I would finally pick a venue that is recommended to you by someone who has been there before!

I hope my insight has helped you pick a great venue and that you enjoy a fantastic wedding day and night!

if you need some recommendations of venues to go to please feel free to call or email me.

Dj Ash

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