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1. How do we know that you're a good DJ?

Answer: Read my many customer reviews from recent gigs i've done and remember i have been doing it for 36 years!

2. Are you reliable?

Answer: I always try to make my gigs on time,i set off early and aim to be at your gig an hour before the start time.

3. What kind of music do you play?

Answer: I can play almost anything from my enormous half a million song collection from rock to pop and dance to ceilidh.

4. Do you have lights with your disco?

Answer: I not only have lights,I have amazing lighting including lasers and the latest led lighting too! It looks stunning! Watch the videos on my media page.

5. Are you insured?

Answer: Yes I have full £10,000,000 public liability insurance through the National Association Of Disc Jockeys.

6. Is your equipment p.a.t. tested?

Answer: yes it is,i underwent a training course with Edeta and now have my own pat tester and test my equipment every year.

7. Do you play at a reasonable volume?

Answer: Yes i do.I believe in playing at a reasonable level so that it is comfortable for all.

8. Do you accept playlists in advance and requests on the night?

Answer: Yes i do.I am a firm believer in accepting reasonable playlists in advance and requests on the night are always welcome.

9. Do you operate legally?

Answer: Yes I do.I am registered self employed with the inland revenue and have all the relevant licences and insurance as required.

10. Do you come dressed for the occasion?

Answer: Yes i certainly do. I wear a shirt and tie to most events and a suit to a wedding. Anything else is unacceptable!

11. Do you use smoke machines?

Answer: Yes where it is required or permitted. A lot of venues now have smoke detectors so cannot use a smoke machine.

12. Do you use strobe machines?

Answer: Not any more.I used to use them back in the 80s but recently decided not to buy one again due to people having epileptic fits.Some of my lights do have a strobing facility but it is not as powereful and haven't had anyone have an epilelptic fit for over 20 years.

13. Do you offer any other facilities?

Answer: Yes, I provide mood lighting around your venue that can be single colour or multiple colours as required. It looks great! I also provide dance floor hire for venues who do not have a dance floor and only carpet.

14. How long do you play for?

Answer: Typically 5 hours give or take 30 mins or so, but longer hires can be arranged no problem.

15. Do you take a break?

Answer: Only during the buffet,but it's not essential and am happy to play non stop.

16. Can we send you a playlist?

Answer: Yes you can send me a reasonable playlist.However I am not a fan of mega long playlists where every song of the night is pre planned. This generally does not work and doesn't allow me the freedom to play requests and use my skills to fill the dance floor.

17. Do you have back up equipment?

Answer: Yes I do,I have lots of equipment and i have always believed in buying the very best quality gear,not only because it looks and sounds good but because it's reliable!

In 36 years i've never had to stop a disco due to equipment failure!

18. Where do you cover?

Answer: I will travel anywhere in the world,but usually my work is within the U.K.

19. How long does it take you to set up?

Answer: Usually 45 minutes.

20. Do you give contracts for bookings?

Answer: I give customers an email confirmation and I'm considering offering contracts in 2012.

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