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Booking crucial event suppliers early

Posted by Stephen Hall on 17 August 2015 | 0 Comments

When you organise an event, be it a wedding, a birthday party or a corporate function, it is important that you are able to get everything set up in advance. This means you need to book all of the suppliers as early as possible so you can arrange for them to arrive at the venue at the right times.

The venue is the very first thing you need to book. Once this is arranged, you can set about arranging all of the providers. Remember you'll be competing with other people for dates so the earlier you enquire about venues and make a booking the better. Make sure you have a clear idea of how many people you are inviting to the event when looking for a venue, as you don't want to end up with one which is too small or too large.

When you start contacting providers you'll need to begin with the essentials such as caterers, cake makers and DJs. If you want the best food, a beautiful looking cake and the right music to accompany your event, you need to be quick browsing providers and deciding who you want to choose. After the crucial suppliers are booked, you can begin adding different elements such as decorations and additional entertainment.

Choosing the right DJ is important because they will be responsible for entertaining your guests for very large parts of the event. You should ensure you choose someone skilled and experienced with the right equipment and access to all of the songs you want. By searching for DJs early you give yourself more chance to speak with them, get a feel for their personality and decide if they are a good fit for your event.

When the day of the event arrives the DJ you hire will need access to the venue early to set up their equipment. You should arrange this as it will mean that music can be playing for the very start rather than having delays.

If you're looking for a mobile DJ in Fife and want to book a local provider with impressive experience and a huge passion for music, we are the company for you. We can bring fantastic entertainment to all kinds of celebrations and will do our very best to make sure yours goes down perfectly. We'll get set up in plenty of time to ensure that your event goes smoothly right from the start.

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