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Children's Parties from Dj Ash's point of view.

Posted by Dj Ash on 22 March 2012 | 0 Comments

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When your organising a children's party here are a few good tips:

1. Please bring lots of prizes for the Dj to give away.

2.Always invite twice as many children as you want to turn up,as usually 50% don't show up.

3.Make sure you hire a venue that has blackout curtains as during the day without them the dj's lighting will not be seen which will detract from the atmosphere.

4.Hire a really good Dj who plays games and competitions and has all the right music!

5.Pick a venue with easy access,preferably ground floor!

6.Dont have a party that lasts longer than 2 hours for younger children.

7. Pass the parcel and recently pinyata are very popular,please remember to bring one or the other or both.

8.Hire a venue with good heating/aircon. Too hot or too cold can make a big difference.

9.Hire a venue with good kitchen facilities so you can have hot food if you want it.

10. Hire me,36 years experience,loads of games and competitions and the guarantee of an amazing party!


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