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It's time to sing your heart out with a Karaoke DJ Edinburgh

Posted by DJ Ash on 3 February 2014 | 0 Comments


One of the best ways to have a great time is to introduce a karaoke system to your party. What's better than watching your friends and family sing their little hearts out?  Nothing, of course! If you are looking for a professional and experienced Karaoke DJ Edinburgh then I'm your guy.

My name is DJ Ash and I have been a DJ for over 36 years. Throughout this time I have worked at a number of venues on a number of events, making each one special and memorable. Whether it's a wedding, karaoke night, birthday, children's party, disco, or any other event I can offer my services. I have over 500,000 songs on CD's that I have collected over the years and I also have access to 10,000,000 songs through iTunes so you can be confident that I'll never miss a request!

DJ Ash has all of the latest equipment in the karaoke industry - in fact, it's some of the most expensive on the market. There's a few reasons for this such as its extremely reliable - meaning there will be no disturbance to your event, it sounds great and it looks great too. It definitely comes back to me as well because in the 36 years I've been DJ'ing, I have never had a piece of equipment break down on me.

Whilst you're singing and strutting your stuff, I can also provide some of my lighting to set the mood. This adds something special to karaoke and creates a party atmosphere like no other. I can control the light's colour, shapes, and movement as well and can cater to your requests. It's not simply private parties that we cater for - if you have a public venue without a resident DJ, I will be more than happy to offer my services for the night so you can host a karaoke evening.

If you are searching for a karaoke DJ Edinburgh, look no further! I'm one of the most experienced in the industry and can promise a great night for everyone. Call today to discuss your requirements on 07513 593 073 or email me at djash62@gmail.com and I'll contact you as soon as I can.

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