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An experienced DJ for your party

Posted by Stephen Hall on 22 January 2015 | 0 Comments

The cornerstone of any party is music, and playing good music is the key to having a successful event. Of course, to play good music, you need to have an extensive library alongside the right equipment to play it loud and clear. When we are taking care of your party, you can be assured that all of your music and entertainment needs are taken care of by a single source. With a cutting-edge sound system that plays music at a high quality and with a vast music library that stretches across a variety of genres, we are the only party, birthday or wedding DJ in Edinburgh that you need.

Our sound equipment is high quality, fully tested and insured to ensure that it works perfectly, but with spares at hand to ensure that every possible problem is cared for. We have access to over 500,000 songs on CD, as well as a massive iTunes library that numbers over 10,000,000 songs. Our library spans a wide variety of genres and artists, so you can be sure that whatever music you want playing will be played. Our DJ is also an incredible entertainer and knows how to gauge the reactions of a party to play the right tunes at the right time to get everyone dancing. We will always arrive in plenty of time to fully set up the equipment as well, so your party will never be delayed or interrupted.

Playing across Scotland, from Glasgow to Dunbar, from Edinburgh to Inverness, you can be assured that we are the right choice for your party or event. We have honed our craft across Scotland and the world and have developed a set of skills that allow us to take control of a party's entertainment and ensure that everybody is enjoying themselves - regardless of the age of the crowd or the theme of the event, we'll provide the perfect entertainment package every time. We also have a wide variety of additional equipment, including dance floors and light shows, to add those little extra touches to your party. With our party and wedding DJ in Edinburgh at the helm of your event, all of your guests will be able to enjoy a party that they will talk about for years to come.

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The best DJs are also great entertainers

Posted by Stephen Hall on 12 January 2015 | 0 Comments

When you choose a DJ for an event it is always important to keep in mind that they will be responsible for entertainment and timings as well as the music itself. You should hire someone passionate and confident on the microphone to ensure your guests will have the perfect time. The best DJs will work closely with you to plan a flow for the occasion and play the songs you want at the right times. They'll also make concessions for announcements and other plans you have.

When selecting a DJ you should rightly focus on their equipment and the collection of music they have access to but never forget to take note of their entertaining skills. You can tell how good a provider will be with just one look at how they take care of their gear; if it is left in a bad condition it is unlikely they'll deliver the level of service you want. Bad gear is likely to result in poor sound quality. Poorly cared for equipment also has the potential to be a hazard so you need to take care.

With the number of different music services on the internet and its global nature, it is easier than ever to get access to songs from an ever increasing range of genres. The best providers will be able to find any track you want, whether it is a obscure classic or a modern one. The days of dealing with DJs that need to cart around thousands of CDs is well and truly over. With a single laptop you can have access to millions of tracks and can create a bespoke playlist to suit the event. There will be no delays for CD changes or looking for tracks, meaning the music at your event should run smoothly from start to finish.

Whatever the event choosing the right DJ is always important. You should ensure the provider you choose will keep your theme in mind and choose the best songs for the occasion. When you have a big event coming up, we can provide DJ hire in Edinburgh that fulfils all of these needs. We are completely dedicated to ensuring that all our customers have an amazing time at their event by providing the best music, entertainment and visuals, putting the perfect finishing touches on every event from weddings to kids' birthday parties.

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Make your child's birthday special

Posted by Stephen Hall on 5 January 2015 | 0 Comments

Every parent wants to make their child’s birthday as special as it can possibly be. All kids love a party, and the music and mayhem make for fantastic memories. We provide mobile DJ hire in Fife that our customers return to time and again, and the great thing about our service is that you get a ready made kids party. We can make sure your princes and princesses have a fantastic time and spare you a lot of the hassle.

Ask any kid what their favourite thing about parties is and you’re pretty likely to hear dancing, music, games, singing and the firm favourite that is the bouncy castle. When you book your party with us we can provide all the classic elements and much more. A good DJ knows the value of entertaining the crowd regardless of age, and with our selection of fantastic music, your little ones are sure to have the time of their lives out there on the floor.

No party is complete without games, and we engage the kids in all manner of fun and excitement such as pass the parcel and more. If you have any aspiring singers we also provide a children’s karaoke. They can get up on the mic and sing along to their favourite current chart hits as well as classic party tunes. The guests can even serenade the boy or girl of the hour with a special rendition of Happy Birthday.

We provide a 12ft by 12ft bouncy castle at an affordable price and an upgrade to another castle is available for an additional fee. We keep our children’s disco prices reasonable in order to offer our fantastic services to everyone. Our children’s party package is available for £100.00 and includes lights, disco, dance routines and games.

We use the finest equipment and we make sure everything is PAT tested and fully insured. When looking for DJ hire in Fife and the surrounding areas, customers can depend on our full range of professional services. We have been entertaining for over 35 years and we are ably equipped to deliver the best parties for the best prices.

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