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What to expect from the best DJ in Edinburgh

Posted by Stephen Hall on 31 July 2015 | 0 Comments

Music is the main way to create the mood and vibe at any event, no matter what kind of celebration you're having. If you're organizing a major event, whether it's a wedding, a birthday party or an anniversary get together, the perfect soundtrack needs great care and focus. You can make the process a whole lot easier by contacting DJ Ash, the most experienced and best choice when you're in need of a DJ in Edinburgh.

DJ Ash is now into his fourth decade of providing fantastic music and entertainment for all kinds of events and parties in and around Edinburgh. In some businesses experience doesn't always mean a lot, but in the world of DJing events it very much does. DJs who are unreliable and fail to show up on time for events get a bad reputation very quickly. If you want to last long as a DJ you've got to give people what they want and offer a highly professional service, and that's exactly why we have earned an outstanding reputation throughout the area.

Just turning up on time for events isn't enough to be the best, as important as punctuality is. You've got to perform to the levels expected and beyond when you're there. This is something we've always been able to do by following a rather simple and straightforward rule: we aim to make the event as enjoyable as possible for you the your guests. We're there to play the music you want, but we're always happy to give as much or as little input as you like for an awesome playlist.

When you call to discuss and book your DJ needs, you're always speaking directly to your DJ. We're always happy to talk and discuss what you want and need, making sure your event's sound and music is as perfect as possible, so get in touch whenever you're in need of a top notch DJ in Edinburgh or any of the surrounding regions.

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Setting the scene with lights and sounds

Posted by Stephen Hall on 22 July 2015 | 0 Comments

A great way to set the perfect atmosphere for an event is to link the music and the lighting to ensure they complement each other. This can be more challenging than you may think, especially if you don't have the right equipment. You'll need to decide what type of music you will be playing and then set about looking at lights that can produce the right affect. Alternatively you can consult an experienced DJ who can supply both sound equipment and lighting.

Lights come in a huge array of shapes and sizes, from LEDs to strobes, giving you the opportunity to create the right ambience for your event. You also need to consider the positioning as this will have an impact on the atmosphere. Before buying or hiring lighting you should think about the venue for the party. This will affect the type of lights you can use because it will have an impact on the power sources you can use.

It's always a good idea to discuss lighting with your DJ when you meet them to go over the playlist and theme for the event. This gives you a chance to describe the venue to them and provide additional information that will help them to arrange the lights. Remember you'll need to give them access to the venue in advance so they can set everything up too.

Hiring a DJ who can provide both light and sound will help you to save money and time, while creating the ideal setting for the celebration. If you are looking for DJ hire in Edinburgh that can deliver the best of both worlds, you have found it with us. We strive to help our clients create the perfect setting for all occasions, whether it's a birthday party, corporate event or wedding. We use top of the range lighting and sound equipment to produce the best results.

We aim to create a basic playlist for our customers featuring their favourite songs and other suggestions for music. With this we can program the lights in advance to ensure they change to suit individual tracks. We can provide the perfect lighting accompaniment for all genres of music.

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Make those young birthday parties magical with a professional DJ

Posted by Stephen Hall on 14 July 2015 | 0 Comments

Childhood birthdays are special. They are all about fun, laughter and having a wonderful time with family and friends. If you are throwing a party for your special little boy or girl, you obviously want it to be a memorable success. Kids' parties mean presents, games, lights, dance routines and nonstop fun. An important part of making sure they go off with a bang is hiring the right DJ. By choosing a reputable and professional DJ you can be sure of throwing the best party possible for your child's birthday.

Very young kids love the whole atmosphere of a party. It is an exciting event and they get lost in the balloons, music and fun and games. Older kids appreciate all those elements too, but they also like to hear the music they love and show what they can do on the dance floor. We can accommodate parties for kids of all ages and put on an entertaining show for every child, from toddlers to teens.

If you need a quality mobile DJ in Edinburgh and beyond, DJ Ash is the preferred choice for a long list of customers. A lacklustre DJ can bring a party down, whereas a seasoned and talented DJ will raise the roof and give guests of all ages the time of their lives. We offer every possible service for the perfect kid's birthday party and more. We play all the classic and much loved games including pass the parcel, and we get all the kids up to take part in traditional and modern dance routines. We will play music that is age appropriate and stay on the mic to keep them entertained and make sure they are all enjoying themselves.

All kids love a sing song, and thanks to shows like The X Factor and The Voice they are very keen to get up and sing along to their favourite tunes. We can provide karaoke equipment for all the budding stars at the party. If required we can even put on fantastic dancers in fancy dress outfits that the kids will love. If you want to go all out, we offer hire of a 12ft by 12ft bouncy castle and the further option of upgrading for an additional fee.

We always arrive in time, we use the best audio and lighting equipment, and we make sure it is safe and fully functioning. If you want to throw your child and their friends an exciting and fun-filled party with a popular and respected mobile DJ in Edinburgh, give us a call.

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