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DJ Hire Fife

Music makes the world go round, or as the saying kind of goes. That is never truer than at an event. Whether it is a child's birthday party or your wedding day music provides the atmosphere, a place where people can let loose and dance to their hearts content. For this the easiest and most affordable way is to hire a professional DJ.

DJ Ash has over 36 years of experience and has built up a wealth of pleased customers. With access to over 500,000 CDs and 10,000,000 online iTunes songs his playlist is ever changing. Whatever genre or era you like DJ Ash will be able to create a playlist that is perfect for you and your guests. With a wealth of experience and skills under his belt he has honed the skill of reading a crowd. Invaluable when it comes to DJing, being able to read a crowd helps you sense a mood and ensure you play tunes which match the atmosphere and turn a slowing party in to a bouncing rave, or mosh, or waltz or whatever your preference.

As well as being able to ensure an unforgettable night, DJ Ash ensures he always remains professional. Always on time, with top of the range equipment, each gig will run smoothly. Using the best sound equipment to make sure there is crystal clear sound, DJ Ash also brings a state of the art lighting rig. Equipped with multi positional and moving LED lights and lasers, the rig can create a full party atmosphere. There is also a smoke machine available for venues in which it is permitted.

Offering reliable and affordable DJ Hire in Fife and surrounding areas DJ Ash can cater every events from corporate parties, children’s parties, birthdays, weddings and much more. To book today please call 07513 593073 or email djash62@gmail.com.

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